Zoosk on Facebook: A Smash Hit

Zoosk was born on the eve of December 18th, 2007. We launched the product on Facebook and it didn’t take long for Facebook users to notice it. We at Zoosk got one of the best Christmas gifts ever: a flurry of new users (thanks Santa!).

But with sudden growth comes scale pain. Our last week of December was basically spent getting more servers and setting them up as quickly as possible to keep up with growth. Many friends have told us this is a good problem to have. We are not complaining about the fantastic growth of course! We love that. But we want to get better at predicting the growth and preparing for it such that our customers don’t have to suffer slow (or god forbid unavailable) service.

So what has been going on since then?

Well, we have crossed 1,800,000 users in less than two months. We have facilitated flirting between Zooskers at astronomical rates and many of our customers have found their potential significant others! Nothing cheers everybody up at the office like emails we get from our users about their perfect date. So, if you have a Zoosk story don’t hesitate to drop us a line at stories at zoosk dot com.

What’s coming up?

We just released a feature we call ‘Super Flirt’. It’s another form of self expression allowing our members to grab attention of their love interests by attaching virtual gifts to their messages. Not only it makes for richer flirting, but also it allows Super Flirters to stand out when there is plenty of competition :-).

We have plenty of exciting new features that we are preparing for launch. You can follow the developments by subscribing to this blog or read it on our Fan Page on Facebook.

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