Zoosk Community: Share, Learn, and Flirt!

You’re invited to Zoosk’s new Community Forum!

Have you ever wondered what the opposite sex really wants? Which date cards are really getting all the flirts and winks? Do you have a great story to share?  It’s possible that you’ve been to Hades and back on the worst nightmare of a date. Or you may have us swooning with the story of that perfect date when you showed him or her the time of their life! Meet more Zooskers on the new Zoosk Community forum.

You can gain more visibility with direct links to your date card simply by joining in on the conversation! Let’s say you see a beautiful woman with something intelligent to say, or that guy’s sense of humor has you doing a double take at his pic. Click on their picture in the forum and go straight to their date card. Send them a flirt! You’ll have the opportunity to read or offer  advice, talk about issues that are important to you, chat with people from different regions of the world, laugh with each other, and just get to know other members better.

The Zoosk development team has been listening to what you want. We are excited to see the relationships that are budding from your winks and flirts, but we think the buck doesn’t have to stop there! The enthusiasm of each Zoosker is a powerful driving force and we are happy to open even more doors for you to find the person for whom you’ve been searching.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the Zoosk Community Forum!

44 thoughts on “Zoosk Community: Share, Learn, and Flirt!

  1. THANKYOU ZOOSK, i have met the man of my dreams through this process and ive never been happier. He is perfect and we would have never have met if it wasnt through this site and facebook. I ve heard of interent romances but never believed they worked until now.
    For ever thankful

  2. Congratulations, Corrina! We wish you all the best in your new relationship with such a wonderful guy! The Zoosk team loves to hear about community members finding love on Zoosk. If you are interested in encouraging other Zooskers, please feel free to share your story in our Community Forum.

  3. Hi oc, Zoosk policy requires that email addresses and URL’s not be shown for the security of each Zoosker. This is meant to protect community members, specifically against spammers. The Zoosk team does everything it can to protect Zooskers. There is no need to feel like you can’t contact other members though; you can still exchange phone numbers!

  4. Hey there, Abby! If someone has sent you a flirt or a wink it will be in your Zooskbox. All you have to do is go into your Zooskbox and click on “Flirt back” next to the flirt to which you want to respond. When you do that there will be a bar that says, “click here to type a flirt.” Just type your message in that space and click “send flirt”
    That’s it! You’re Zoosking!
    If you have any other questions email support@zoosk.com.

  5. @AJ: Some of the functionality on Zoosk is reserved only for premium members. After your initial period, you can freely respond to flirts from other members and initiate conversations. However, some conversations will require a premium membership.

  6. Please, please, PLEASE, put a limit to age group people are allowed to contact!!!! I am sick and tired of getting winks and weird flirts by 30-40 and over old guys! There should be a limit of +/- 10 years difference I reckon.

  7. I can,t finish a conversation with a girl I meet on zoosk and its asking me to become a premium member to flirt on zoosk and I don,t have a credit card to sign up. Do you guys have a phone number to contact you guys.?

  8. I’ve noticed that by the time previous messages between me and my friend were omitted in my zoosk box, is there only place for limited number of flirts in box? How can I access to all my previously sent messages?

  9. Hi ZOOSK.
    I have not seen “anything” before or after i submitted my profile that says there would be any charges for using this site,for what and how much do you or would i have to pay? I have only been using this site for 24hrs so far and sent some winks and flirts!(as you do!) What is going to happen now?

  10. That you block urls I can understand… but blocking email addresses is a bit overkill. Giving someone your phone number is considered far more risky than a simple msn or email address. You know this… Going from Zoosk to phone numbers as a bit too quick for many people. When you have 3 pages of messages in Zoosk and want to move over to msn for faster and easier real time communication but still anonymouse, it should allowed. You should add some check or something like ‘allow email addresses and url from this person’ because after chatting for a while you would know if he/she has the intention of spamming.

  11. My very first flirt was from an Pervert Italian…. I am never going to use this again… NASTY PORNO PHOTO and… I reported it and it is still up….

  12. Hi Michael! Thanks for the feedback. As you seem to have noticed, the issue concerning email addresses and personal contact information is not a simple one. Because of the concerns we had about allowing this information to be displayed, we have made this an advantage available to premium members. This allows for the safest exchange of this information. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact support@zoosk.com.

  13. Hi every1….
    I have been using zoosk for quite a long time now…. I think its a gr8 site for flirting n also for finding life partner…. I feel its v easy n v attractive….N the new features have added flavour to it…The only thing i think is a bit worrying is that while searching for ppl…..Many ppl reappear again n again n that makes it a bit slow n also irritating…..
    Hope zoosk finds a solution to it soon cheers!

  14. can you please explain how you are supposed to get a conversation with the people that are on here .i,ve tried winking,but there is never any thing in my boxes.just want to know if that is all you can do on here ,because if it is it is a total waste of time. please help because it it very frustrating that i can,t talk to any one ..thanks…

  15. Please help me get into contact with a Zoosker called Steva Said. You may pass my e-mail address onto him.

    This is very urgent.

    Thank You

  16. Hi my zoosk profile has been blocked for abusive behaviour by an administrator, which I am completely ignorant of, as far as i know I have never shown any abusive behaviour here or anywhere else. I would like to know why have i have been blocked for something I didn’t do and would appreciate if this blockade is removed.

    Thank you.

    • so has mine. just today may 24 2011. why? how do you know its because of abusive behavior? I just got an email saying subscription cancelled

  17. Hi my zoosk profile has been blocked for abusive behaviour by an administrator, which I am completely ignorant of, as far as i know I have never shown any abusive behaviour here or anywhere else. I would like to know why have i have been blocked for something I didn’t do and would appreciate if this blockade is removed.

    Thank you.

  18. This site is wonderful! and i just want to thank you so much for bringing me and my boyfriend of eight months together! i can’t imagine ever being without my boyfriend now and we have fallen head over hills in love with eachother! there is hope for everyone, so please never give up looking for that special someone, i thought i’d never find love but thanks to zoosk i have found my soul mate : )

  19. Hello. I am just curious how I can change my megaflirt message, I clicked on it so fast and need to change it or not use it at all. Thanks for anyones help.

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