Zoosk’s Redesign!

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You’ve probably noticed a few changes on Zoosk lately. We are happy to unveil the launch of our site’s redesign! It’s been many months in the making, and we take a lot of pleasure from knowing that we are providing a more enjoyable platform for you, the Zooskers we value so highly. We are proud to introduce several improvements we’ve included in the redesign.

The new Zoosk offers each member several improvements including a cleaner, more intuitive, and aesthetically appealing experience. We’ve made flirting easier and more accessible, and revamped the photos!

Flirting was fun before, but flirting with vibrant colors, responsive animation, and crystalline design is like flirting while sipping champagne and eating strawberries dipped in warm chocolate! Ok, I might be getting carried away, but it undoubtedly adds a special element to the experience.

It’s now easier to flirt as well! We’ve made it possible for you to flirt directly from the advanced search results and date cards. This provides a simple and more fluid experience.

We also recognized the importance of each photo that is carefully selected by each Zoosker.  Photos are a critical part of showing a little about you. We say the more the better! So we’ve made them bigger, clearer, and a better reflection of who you are.

These are just a few of the improvements we’ve introduced over the past few days, and more are on the way! We appreciate your feedback and continue to take it into consideration as we grow.

Enjoy the new design and happy Zoosking!

20 thoughts on “Zoosk’s Redesign!

  1. thanx for the upgrade 😉 I have a suggestion, would it be possible to like mark people or a mark on a profile that we’ve flirted with. It’s like troublesome to flirt with people that we’ve flirted before(cause some don’t reply :-)). Anyway zoosk is EXCELLENT 🙂

  2. Since the new changes I am unable to access secondary photos of other Zooskers. I cannot get that gift selection away from my messages to read what I am writing.

  3. Hi!

    Zoosk became really nice looking after the make over – well done you!:)

    Just one thing, when i see people i’ve been thinking about flirting with – And I can tell they were recently online – that tells me they are not interested in me, cause if they were They would have flirted with Me.

    See what i’m saying? My girlfriends says the same, and we all preferred this important detail the way it was – one does not want to know wether the guys are/were recently online.

    Best regards Linnéa

  4. At first I thought zoosk was a good site until I was unable to flirt or wink cause ur site thinks they r emails now. I can’t do anything but look at the pics. what is the point if i can’t respond to what ppl send me

  5. there’s nothing wrong with charging to use the site, but you should let it be known that you have to pay to talk BEFORE people take the time to set up their datecard and waste time sending winks.

  6. I cant open to zoosk. I receive this message:
    Uh Oh!
    There was an error while loading Zoosk.
    Most likely this is a temporary problem. Please try again.
    what i must make for resolve this problem?

  7. I like the new features. However I still find it to be a waste of time. It was more enjoyable before the idea of having to pay came along. I had great conversations going and now I cannot continue them because I have to pay for it. With that being said. No I will not be paying for it and yes, I have lost alot of interest and faith in this site because of it.

  8. Salut !!!
    Bravo pour le site.Grace a vous,j,ai pu
    retrouver des mis d,enfance éparpiller
    un peu pards le mnde.Encore une merci beaucoup
    et courage pr le travail déja eleborer.
    C,est un ps gellaint avec la mondialisation.
    A+ Amitiés

  9. hi, through faceboko you get notifications that your date card has been viewed ‘x’ times… Isn’t it possible to create an extra tab that shows these profiles that have viewed yours?

  10. Is it possible to make Zoosk work from mobile devices? When you click on a message from a mobile, you can read the message, but get “sending” (when you haven’t typed anything) and “your message can’t be blank (again before you have tried to reply).

    At the moment, you can’t say that “Zoosk seamlessly integrates with the most popular social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and Hi5” since it doesn’t integrate with the mobile versions of these sites.

    Cheers, and thanks!

  11. It’s extemely annoying how all the links on your site open a new browser. I don’t really want 20 thousand browsers open thanks. And it’s really slow loading. Half the time it doesn’t even load at all.

  12. You should take care about orthograpy in other languages text, v.gr. in the spanish version, under the “Mensajes enviados a la comunidad” section, appears “No ha escribido”, the right way is “No has escrito”.

    There are some others misstapes, this is just an example.

  13. i think you should have a report this person option on everyones profile as i keep getting spam from your site with women wanting me to join there porn sites and its getting very annoying and ruining my enjoyment of this app

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