Valentine’s Day With Zoosk Never Tasted So Sweet!

In addition to offering the entire Zoosk community free premium membership on February 13 and 14, Zoosk opened its doors to over 200 people from the Bay Area’s tech community and the Zoosk community as well for Zoosk Lunch 2.0.

Friday the 13th may be unlucky for some, but the winks and flirts that we saw at Zoosk’s Lunch 2.0 on Friday put this superstition to rest faster than the speed of cupid’s arrow. (Cupid was also kind enough to make an appearance)

Zoosk Date CardsDescribed by many who attended as a “new kind of Lunch 2.0”, we perpetuated the Valentine’s Day theme by bringing the virtual trademark of Zoosk, the Date Card, to life as an actual Date Card that attendees could wear. Exchanging stickers to decorate the date card that were marked as flirts and winks, as well as reading the creative ways people chose to describe themselves, was an immediate ice breaker.

The goal was to be able to turn in your date card for a box of See’s Valentine’s chocolate by collecting at least 6 flirt or wink stickers. We found that by the end of the lunch it wasn’t even necessary to have chocolate as an incentive. In fact, thoughts of bon bons had been wiped from our memory as the crowd started dancing with the DJ! Networking, flirting, food, beer, and dancing…truly not bad ways to spend a lunch break!

This year The New York Times recently noted a National Retail Federation Survey that predicted that average consumer spending on Valentine’s Day would be lower than the two previous years. Zoosk knows that online resources provide cheaper alternatives that don’t cheapen the romance. Even the free-access social networking site, Facebook, is calling out its activity in matchmaking, highlighting Zoosk as an effective way to find a date for V-day!

Aaah Valentine’s Day with Zoosk, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

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