There’s No Place like Home…

The Zoosk team is constantly working to add new features that enhance the site and your experience. This time, we’re bringing it home…

Zoosk is releasing a new home page experience, and we will be rolling it out to all Zooskers over the next several weeks.

Each release the Zoosk team rolls out is meant to improve your experience. The new home page is designed to bring you a concise and live stream of activities about other Zooskers as well as consolidated access to key Zoosk features so that you can more easily meet and connect with others.

Zoosk Feed

From the home page you’ll be able to view new Zooskers who have just joined, see who has updated their profile with new information, and stay up-to-date with what other Zooskers have been up to since you’ve been gone.

Zoosk Feed

The updates in your live feed introduce you to other Zooskers who fit the criteria you’ve asked for and are based on trends we see in your searches and daily matches. The updates are great conversation starters, and are an effective way to quickly introduce you to someone new who you might not have found through a search. We are refreshing the feed all the time, so feel free to come back throughout the day to see what’s going on.

Easy Access to Zoosk Features

On the home page you have access to all of the site’s features you need to meet new people:

  • Search: Enter the characteristics of your perfect match, and immediately browse through profiles tailored to the criteria you are looking for.
  • Emails: You’ll see clearly how many unread emails are waiting for you.
  • Favorites: Find out who has added you to their list of favorites. Is it mutual?
  • Date Card Views: Curious to know who is checking you out? Click on this link to find out.
  • What’s next? Find out what you can do to improve your date card and other opportunities that are available to you in Zoosk.

Feeling Lucky?

Remember the Daily Matches page? No worries! It’s not gone, it’s just more comfortable at home. You can get to the same Daily Matches page by clicking on “full view” next to Feeling Lucky. Just like before, you can browse through profiles that match what you are looking for. See someone you like? Choose to view their profile, wink, send an email, or skip to the next person.

Feeling Lucky

The Zoosk team takes pride in providing a simple and easy-to-use platform for our members. With all that Zoosk has to offer, we want to be sure that the site stays that way as we continue to expand its features.

What do you think about the new home page? No amount of testing we do can substitute for your feedback. If you have something to share, we want to hear it! Visit the Zoosk community and tell us what you think about the home page.

28 thoughts on “There’s No Place like Home…

  1. can we have an option to limit the feed to people around our age and area please i dont need to look at people 30 years older than me half way round the world (no offence to thos people btw)

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  3. Liking the new format but i do have 1 critisim –
    on the ‘feeling lucky’ if u click on ‘view date card’ there is no way to go back to see the profile in ‘feeling lucky’, this is pertinenent if u winked them already so many days previous.
    Apart from that keep up the good work Zooskers

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