Money Can’t Buy Me Love!

Gone are the days when we would throw on our best apparel and drop hundreds of dollars each week on dinner, drinks, and entertainment as part of the standard operating procedure of the dating game.  In times of economic trouble, everyone is talking about how online dating has become a cheaper and effective alternative to what was once the status quo.

This got us thinking. Singles are not willing to cut love out of their budgets.  So, exactly how much do economic realities influence a person looking for Mr. or Miss Right? We took a poll fielding 1,009 responses from singles in the United States who use Zoosk.

We touched on some sensitive topics covering unemployment, living with parents, and going on dates that revolve around free activities, rather than being wined and dined. The response was an overwhelming consensus that economic hardships are not a deterrent when love is on the line!

So if you happen to be out work at the moment, you might not be out of luck. Our poll found American singles are still interested in dating even if the person is currently unemployed.

Still living at home with Mom and Pop? A substantial 80% of our responses assured us that living with the rents is not a “dating deal breaker.”

Finally, we wanted to know if our members would consider a date focused on a free activity a turn-off or turn-on.  The result? Our members think that an excessive rendezvous that leaves you broke is not necessary to have a great time.

We are happy to report that in the face of economic trouble, Zooskers are not deterred from dating. According to our findings, it’s ok to indulge in a little love, recession style.

7 thoughts on “Money Can’t Buy Me Love!

  1. “think that an excessive rendezvous that leaves you broke is not necessary”. The problem is “excessive”. So they still want to have expensive dates just maybe not all the time. This doesn’t sound too good.

  2. Great post. I’ve been single for some time and I’ve been trying to get back on the horse, so to speak, but as a result of the recession I was laid off. Now I work at a fast food joint while looking for some serious work again, and can’t really afford any entertainment.
    You guys just brought me back some hope. Not much, but enough to move my lazy butt of the couch and start looking for that special someone. Again.

  3. I don’t belive those results. Maybe they’re a bit true but many people are real hypocrites when it comes to stuff like this. They won’ even admit it to themselves so they subconciously lie in the polls.

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