Love Sets Sail

Summer is almost here, and your Zoosk stories certainly heated up in May!

We heard about some incredible first dates among Zooskers. Patricia wowed us with her story of a day-long date that started over breakfast and wrapped up with a dinner cruise on the Chesapeake!

“I never thought that things like this actually happened, but I met someone through Zoosk in May.  We flirted back and forth, exchanged e-mails, and then he asked me out.  He sent me his phone number, and we began talking.  I’m so glad that I said yes because he is a very nice guy.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the time that we have spent together. Our first date lasted a whole day!  He showed up with a dozen roses (my favorite flower and he even had my favorite color).  We started by having breakfast and the conversation was so enjoyable he suggested that we go to Baltimore.  We spent the afternoon at the National Aquarium and then went on a three hour dinner cruise.  The most romantic part of the cruise was being in his arms on the deck staring into each other’s eyes and sharing romantic kisses as if we were the only people on the ship!  He is an intelligent, romantic, genuinely nice guy that I’m delighted to be able to say I have a relationship with.  Thanks Zoosk!”

We wish you and your new guy continued happiness, Patricia.

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28 thoughts on “Love Sets Sail

  1. does life truely have to be so lonely if you have epilepsy?

    My seizures are controlled,sure i can not drive ,give a woman the all-american dream since i can not work , or get insured . Then explain why i was able to make a woman very happy for 16yrs before her death. People do not care about my feelings and how bad it hurts to be alone . I have a lot to offer if a woman would just give me a chance to shine. Itook care of a woman for 16yrs her health was not the best so i did the house work , nurse duties,cooking,clothes and never complained for i loved her now i want love again but have been labeled as garbage. please save me someone.

    • that was a lovely comment hun, im disabled and men run a mile from me i look ok from the outside but when i get to tell them i have crones and fits etc they run so i know what you mean ,im lonely too

  2. i have a dream
    and i hope that u have it too.
    coz without u mine will never come true
    i know u r searching
    searching for someone new
    but someone is still waiting for u
    thats what u never knew
    i wanna help u when u need me
    yes i wish to be ur dream
    i wanna give u love thats true
    i wanna love u thru and thru
    coz i have a dream and my dream is you.
    don’t be afraid
    nothing will happen wrong
    give me ur worries
    i’ll keep u strong and strong
    now and forever
    nothing will remain the same
    with a touch of love
    everything around will change

  3. Our Life begins with our name,
    Learning the ways & playing the game,
    We keep growing slowly experiencing a lot,
    To be clever cracking every plot,
    But life tells us many things,
    & we should find what life does bring,
    I say life’s a sweet & sour game,
    U like sweets but sour has its name,
    We can have our tastes but its always true,
    Life always fixes your moods with its glue,
    Happy we are & happy we should be,
    But no one can say how Life will be.
    Life doesn’t give always sweetness awhile,
    It gives u all kinds of experiences & style,
    Whatever may happen & whatever we do,
    The “Don’t’ HURT anyone”, quote is always TRUE,
    Help everyone with a SWEET smile,
    & see what future come come to ur site.
    From today itself, change ur design & style,
    As u still have to cover a thousand miles,
    U’ll be remembered only when & then,
    If u smile & give others yours just a while,
    If U say someone is ur close friend,
    Give your nature a kind of blend,
    S/he should get your best time,
    But others should not get just sour lime,
    Well you r the only decision maker,
    But you should be everyone’s care taker,
    If you’re not then life’ll teach,
    With everyone (friends & others) U should laugh & weep,
    So shine like the sun & stage u’r shows,
    & U should be everyone’s & everyone will be YOURS…

  4. Patricia congratulations,you are truly blessed to hav found such a wonderful person,happens in one in a million.The way your date when is unreal,so romantic,so well detailed ,the flowers with your favorite color,the National Aquarium and to top it off the dinner cruise,wow,talk about being spoiled.May you enjoy your new found feeling to the max,blessings.

  5. well I moved in with my sons father and then we lived together for 32 years and yes I loved him then we moved to were all his friend were and I saw him less and he wanted to be with us less at the end I just thought that if I was by my self with my son all the time I could just deal with out the fighting all the time to. Now 2 years later My ex my son’s father and I r more friends now that we were before we got together!!!

  6. I believe that love is great but,money can take you places all over the world without having a care in the world.Ms. Delilah

    • Now that is shallow. You can take your money, cuz money can tbuy you love, and love conqeurs all!! The feeling you get when your in love is the most intoxicating feel good on Earth, money is merely cheap thrills and can only get you material things that are flase hapiness. To each her own!

  7. Wow, well that guy set the bar so high it probably wont be beat anytime soon. I hope it is not the Patricia I have been talking to becuase I kind like her! Well if it is Don Juan prepare to meet your match! SHe doesnt sound overly sprung on this guy and that tells me, it is very possible to out do this day long date. Watch me!!!!!!!!

  8. wow! congratULations”,)

    how i wish my love stOry wud be like that ..
    but anywayz .. gOd bless u both and wish U happiness forever.

  9. life is something u go threw every one does…live it to the fullest cuz tomarrow may never come….flowers candy hugs and kissess tooo….but love is the word i wanna hear from u…do u really love just one….life is full of people…its full of love….

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