Zoosk Wedding Bells in the Land Down Under

Once again, thank you to all the Zooskers who submitted stories in June about meeting someone special. We love hearing about dating experiences from Zooskers around the world, and this month the story that caught our eye is from Lauren, in Australia.

“Adam and I met through Zoosk in February last year. We were both using Zoosk to meet new people, so when Adam asked me to meet up for a drink I didn’t think much of it. We went out to dinner and then headed down to the beach. I don’t know whether I actually really left his house after that night! We were married on the beach several months later. We are certainly grateful to Zoosk, not only for bringing us together, but for the many other wonderful people we met along the way.”

Congratulations, Lauren! We wish you and Adam all the best.

Do you have a Zoosk story to share? If you’ve met someone special – a fun date, a significant other, or a life partner – through Zoosk, drop us a line at success@zoosk.com. We’ll select one story from those submitted in July to feature right here. And if your story is selected, we’ll send you a $100 Amazon.com gift card.

Does your Date Card need some help? Be sure to check out our post with a few tips for creating a Date Card that doesn’t suck.

Happy Zoosking!

8 thoughts on “Zoosk Wedding Bells in the Land Down Under

  1. I am a married man not looking for any other relationship. This dating thing is in the way of my goal and will not let me by unless I sign up. This should not be that way and anyone using this site should stop and look at what is really going on here. Are you forced to buy things you don’t want or need just to get where you want to go? If so, their goal is to get you to buy and not get you what you are here fore.

  2. Es gibt wieder alles nur in englischer Sprache.
    Etwas ältere Menschen, die das englisch nicht mit der Muttermilsch eingesaugt haben, können all die Angebote gar nicht richtig nutzen. Das ist wirklich schade und ungerecht.

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  7. I live in Australia!

    This story gives me hope that there are people in my country that are Zoosk and using online dating to find their ideal partner! For a while I was worried it was all US and UK people but I’m glad to know the dream is still alive!

    Congratulations on the wedding, guys!


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