Breaking the Ice with a Virtual Gift

The get-to-know-you conversation. It’s a time honored ritual for singles whether you meet someone online or offline.

Of course, we all look for unique and memorable ways to “break the ice,” to stand out from the crowd, and to let our personalities shine through with the hope that we’ll receive a positive response from a potential date. Fortunately, social dating gives you many unique opportunities to connect with other singles in a fun way.

Earlier this month, we conducted a survey among one thousand Zooskers to learn more about your thoughts on virtual gifts – those tokens of interest or affection that can say a lot more than simply sending a digital wink.

Here’s what you told us when it comes to virtual gift giving:

How sweet is a digital rose? Pretty sweet, Zooskers said.

  • 76% of you said you would be more likely to respond to a potential match if you received a virtual gift from that person

Talk about missed opportunities!

  • Only 15% of you said you have ever sent someone a virtual gift

71% of you said the virtual gifts you send are a reflection of your personality. And the survey said…

  • 37% of you send “traditional” virtual gifts, such as digital flowers or a box of chocolates
  • 27% of you show off your “wild side” by selecting virtual gifts like a martini or a strawberry dripped in chocolate
  • 23% of you send “warm and fuzzy” virtual gifts like a teddy bear
  • 13% of you prefer to send seasonal gifts

Now that we know how much you love receiving gifts, we have decided make it super easy to send them. You might have already noticed that we changed the Date Card view a little bit to make gifting more obvious. Simply click on the new ‘Gift’ button, click on a gift you like and hit ‘Send’. It’s that easy.

Sending a Gift

What are your thoughts and experiences with virtual gift giving? If you’ve sent or received gifts, we’d love to hear your stories. If you haven’t sent virtual gifts before….well, clearly you should consider it!

6 thoughts on “Breaking the Ice with a Virtual Gift

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