Meet the Zoosk Community Manager

Hi Zooskers,

Do you ever feel, when you read this blog, go on Zoosk’s Facebook page, or follow our Twitter account, as if you are just interacting with a website — a fractal, abstract thing that exists in coded numbers and sequences beyond your computer screen — rather than a real person? Today, I want to take some time to introduce myself so that you can put a face to a status update, a person to a Tweet, a writer to a blog post. I’m Juliette, your new Zoosk Community Manager! It’s nice to meet you. Hello.

I’m a real person – not a cyborg – and I am the liaison (a fancy word that means “contact or connection”) between you – the Zoosk community – and the people over at Zoosk HQ .  I am here to communicate with you about all things Zoosk-related, like new features and updates to the site, company news and developments, Zoosk contests and other community programs, FAQs, stats, press, and basically anything and everyone related to online dating, be they facts, tips, or tutorials. I’m also here to listen to you, act in your interest, consider your feedback, and address your concerns. Though I’m not dating on Zoosk (that would be a conflict of interest!), I plan to be an active part of the community  (my Zoosk username is ohai and my profile is here, for those who want to chat with me on the site) as well as on our community messageboards (which I moderate — and read too) as part of my job. Additionally, I will be frequently updating this blog, along with Zoosk’s Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, as well as other social media accounts like Bebo and Hi5. If you want to message me, you can reach me at any of those social media sites, or directly at I make it a point to read everything that comes my way, and I personally respond to each and every one of you who takes the time to write. So, write me! Tell me what you think of Zoosk, online dating, love, life, cats, disco, mangoes, your taxidermy collection, anything. In the words of Stevie Nicks, “You can talk to me / I can set your secrets free.”

Cheers, Juliette

PS: So that I can put a face to YOUR emails, why don’t you send me your Zoosk mugshots too? Send me your mugshots, and I’ll post them on our Zoosk Facebook fan page. Just take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says “I love Zoosk” on it and email it to The first step in getting a date is to put yourself out there. So get that camera out, and get out there.

PPS: Below, for your reference and amusement, some pictures of Zoosk employees taking their own “I Love Zoosk” mugshots. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Zoosk Community Manager

  1. I could use a temporary free least I did come by and say hello and I do have a Zoosk to entice me some…so how about a free 30 day trial with access to send and receive email…uh what about it?


  2. would love a trial to see what its like to send and recieve messages from zoosk even if its only for a day. i know you can make it happen baby with that pretty smile of yours 🙂

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