Go ‘head and run yo mouf — on our Community Forums

By Juliet O

While most of you Zooskers probably couldn’t run a marathon with your legs, you sure know how to run them with your mouths. Your chat-alicious, loose-lipped, loud-mouthy, over-sharing, word-spitting ways have greatly endeared you to our hearts, and we applaud the fact that many of you have problems shutting the front door.

Our hyperactive community forums are one of the Zoosk features we’re most proud of, because the many voices on the forums come from YOU, the community, and the community is the life of Zoosk. It appears that the average Zoosker on our forums is chattier than an ADHD kid who just washed down all his Halloween candy with a 6-pack of Red Bull. You will get that talk on, and we find that to be a beautiful thing. On the forums, topics range from discerningly erudite (like intelligent reflections on the meaning of love) to unabashedly low-brow (like talking in detail about the female anatomy), and all these topics come together to form a mish mash, hodge podge, all-encompassing community board that accurately details all the multiplicity of things going through the collective mind of the Zoosk community, something we admire, foster, and want to actively engage. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on the community, because the community the shining light of Zoosk… and now we’re getting sentimental. Make it stop.

Topics on our forums range from fun stories, like best/worst pick-up lines and best/worst dates, to advice forums, like ask a girl and ask a guy topics, to regional forums, like the ones below, separated by country. Props to the Zooskers in the United Kingdom for having such serious chat mojo.

We also have a ton of great boards for people looking for love advice, which range from How to create a great Date Card to Single Parents to Broken-hearted, now what?. These forums are a great resource for those looking to find love on Zoosk, because they provide, figuratively, a ‘mental snap-shot’ of what Zoosk users are thinking, doing, and desiring, all of which are useful pieces of information for any Zoosk dater to have. You basically get an all-inclusive peek into the heart of your very own dating pool, which is priceless in the game of love.

Another plus of the forums? For every post you make, an automatic status update occurs on the activity feed of your date card, and an update gets published in our Zoosk Desktop application — which shows up on the desktop feed of local Zooskers in your area. Forums are a great way to put yourself out there on the radar screens of potential dates.

GLBT Voices and 50 Plus Singles are two of our newer forums on the boards, and we’re proud to create space for people of different real-life communities to have a place to grow a virtual-community on our site. As Zoosker AndreaNottingham says on GLBT Voices, “It’s nice to have our own little corner on here.” We couldn’t agree more!

I could sit here and talk all day about these forums (and trust me, I’m a real Chatty Kathy so I could, literally) but if you want to know more, hear more, see more, read more, check out our forums in person. They will provide you with a host of information, both useful and useless, mindful and mindless, and at the very least, if nothing else, then these forums will provide you with an endless source of entertainment. Trust me, you can easily get lost in the vortex.

So go ahead and run your mouth on Zoosk. We not only condone your excessive verbosity, we wholly endorse it.

photo credit: db photography

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