Remember to celebrate being single this week!

By Juliet O

Hello singles. Are you celebrating? Because in case it’s escaped your radar, this week is National Singles Week!

20 years ago, a group of people known as the Buckeye Singles Council created NSW to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of single and unmarried people, and to recognize their important contributions to society (like keeping bars and nightclubs open!). Since its inception, NSW has become widely observed around the world.

Coinciding with National Singles Week, we conducted a survey of over a thousand of our Zooskers, asking you for your thoughts on single and unmarried life. The results are fascinating. Contrary to what you might think, we found that the men we surveyed voted that they’d rather settle down in a relationship, while the women we surveyed stated that they enjoyed being single. 49% of men wish they weren’t single, as opposed to 31.5% of women.

We also found that Zooskers, overall, have quite a romantic viewpoint on love.
The majority of Zooskers indicated that they choose to remain single because they are waiting for “the One”. And while Zooskers are enjoying singlehood for now, the majority of you definitely see wedding bells in your future and plan to get married one day down the line.

Being single is great. You can hang out with whomever you want to, whenever you want to. You don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else and can focus your attentions on yourself. You can go anywhere, buy anything, and do anything you wish. You can take yourself out to a movie for no reason. You can book a ticket for a solo holiday. You don’t need to share your Netflix queue. You can eat onions what that burger without brushing your teeth right afterward. You can date casually. You can see your friends as much as you want. Being single means the terms of your life are up to you and no one else, and that is such a liberating feeling worthy of celebration.

Being single means you have no one to be accountable to except for yourself. And, best of all, being single means that love could be just around the corner every time you step out the door. Zooskers, embrace the fun of being single! Because being single is really, really fun. All you need is a positive attitude and a sense of adventure. As for Zoosk, well, we’re just along for the ride.

Bonus! Here’s Shayan Zadeh, Zoosk’s CEO, being interviewed about National Singles Week on “Cocktails with Patrick,” a radio show on Cosmo Radio.

Listen to Shayan on “Cocktails with Patrick”!

photo credit: smanography

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