10 qualities to look for in a successful match

By Juliet O

What are some keys to a healthy relationship? All great relationships have certain things in common. Here is a list of the qualities to look for in building a great, lasting relationship with someone. I challenge you to find a single example of a good, functioning relationship that does not exhibit all of these characteristics. The following are universal characteristics of all wonderful relationships, and you deserve to find a person who exhibits them all:

10. Empathy

An individual’s ability to empathize with you is crucial in a relationship. Empathy is an important relationship skill that both parties should develop. Empathy is the ability to view the world from your partner’s eyes. Being able to put yourself in your partner’s shoes is essential to building a long term relationship based on mutual understanding. Empathy means being a team, a “we” rather than an isolated “I”.

9. Acceptance

Your partner should be able to “get” you. They should know your tastes, your likes, your dislikes, your moods, your innate personality — they should know that “real” you, and love you for being exactly who you are. Acceptance is a key relationship skill. Both you and your partner should accept one another for exactly the people that you are, faults and all. Your partner should love you because of everything that comprises who you are. Don’t accept any less.

8. Chemistry

Physical chemistry is important. While it may not be the most important thing on this list, healthy relationships require attraction as a force. You and your partner ought to be attracted to one another, physically and emotionally, and that attraction should lead to a healthy level of chemistry that can be sustained over time.

7. Steadfastness

Your partner should be steadfast with you in promises and obligations. With you, your partner should be able to keep his or her word. Steadfastness leads to trust, which is absolutely essential in healthy, long-term relationships. If your partner isn’t steadfast with you, then you have little reason to grow trust with this person. Do not become intimately involved with someone who cannot keep their word.

6. Goals

It is important that you and your partner support each others’ goals in life. Relationships take constant work and require that you and your partner have a willingness to work together and grow together. Your partner should support and help you reach the goals you want in your life.

5. Generosity

Your partner should be generous with you, not in the financial sense, but in the emotional sense. Most importantly, your partner ought to be generous with time, when it comes to you. An essential aspect of relationships is the ability to “give”. If you notice that your partner takes and takes without giving, perhaps it’s time to find a new partner. Generosity is the essence of healthy relationships.

4. Priorities

Your partner and you do not need to have the exact same priorities in life, but it certainly helps if your priorities are aligned. If you want to move to India one day to teach yoga at a spiritual retreat and your partner wants to move to Los Angeles to jumpstart a career in the entertainment industry, your priorities are definitely not aligned. Sometimes, for a relationship to thrive, priorities can be adjusted or redefined, which is fine, but both parties should be equally flexible in this.

3. Trust

Trust is the single most important factor when it comes to when a relationship is a success or a failure. You must be able to trust your partner, and your partner must be able to trust you. And both of you should give the other person reason to trust. With trust, you have the ability to be vulnerable — an important factor in long-term, successful partnerships. If you can’t be vulnerable with your partner, it’s time to move on.

2. Communication

Good relationships have great communication structures. Bad relationships almost always have terrible communication between partners. You and your partner should speak the same language, emotionally speaking, in the sense that you should be able to communicate your desires successfully. Neither party should be timid about asserting themselves when appropriate, and neither party should feel shy about communicating feelings at any point. Do you and your partner have successful communication?

1. Commitment

Commitment is the most important quality to look for when deciding a successful match. If you are searching for love and a long-term relationship, you and your partner must be able and willing to commit to one another, understanding all the sacrifices and adjustments that are necessary when transitioning from single life to life as a couple. The key to commitment is love. If you love someone, commitment should be no less than nature.

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12 thoughts on “10 qualities to look for in a successful match

    • you don’t………..
      hit him up for child support………,then he can come and go out of your life and you can get on w/your life.

      hurt his wallet 🙂 good luck w/it…………

    • My heart goes out to you, I was in the same boat. And still we keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. But one thing I learned in life is, I’m lucky I got the kids, and they love me, and know that I love them (very important). No matter how hard times get, force yourself to live life to the fullest, take chances on others, and love again. (Elke pot het ‘n deksel), and you do get experience with every relationship.

  1. Agree with every single aspect and learnt all these important issues by me not believing in myself and respecting what I needed and deserved in a relationship. My cheerleading statement giving giving is not the be all and end all of life I am an important person too! Knowing and understanding oneself and believing in ones intuitive feelings about the other will help achieve a better relationship meeting each others needs.

    • Thanks louise, I just went through a stage AGAIN, giving giving, and it wasn’t enough. I am an important person too! And if that isn’t good enough, well mabe it is not good at all. You come to a stage when you wonder (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME). It is dificult to meet your own needs when you have to constantly saticfy the needs of others. The scary part is to be alone! But I came to the conclusion that mabe alone is not so bad, atleast then you are alone and not hurt and broken all the time.

  2. If the values of Appreciation, Affection, Respect, and Financial Responsibility are maintained in a relationship, then all other qualities fall in place.

  3. I agree, Appreciation, Affection, Respect and Trust is important, but very hard to find in a relationship. How do you trust and respect, when no relationship works, no matter what you sacrifice. With all the guide lines in life, how do you know that he will be mr right this time.

  4. My good friend recommended Zoosk! She is so happy with a newfound friend… and enjoys the relationship.
    Maybe I might meet a sweetheart on Zoosk.
    After being alone for so long, this might be just the route to meet someone nice… someone 70 +…. It is time to get over loneliness
    and hopefully able to trust again… Now thatwwould be a miracle.

    Not sure of my way around Zoosk yet but would be fun to meet someone, even if it is just on line.

  5. This artical does not emphasise on the importance of finances in todays world…As soon as poverty comes in love jumps out of the window….So do analize your partner on financial grounds alwell or all other qualities are of no use…

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