Go Ahead; Make a Big Deal Out of Nothing!

All it takes is one glance through the relationship section of any magazine to realize that relationships can be tough sometimes. It isn’t really a news flash that relationship roadblocks are inevitable, is it? So let’s step away from the magazine rack and stop memorizing the six simple steps for training your lover to be your dream lover.

Flip it around! Why is so much energy spent on focusing on the flaws of relationships and so little spent emphasizing their worth? Take some time to revel in the little things that make a relationship so rewarding! Zoosk’s prerogative is to introduce you to that one-and-only who will take you from “single and searching” to “happily in love,” because we believe in the value that a relationship has to offer.

Relationship experts all agree that an attitude of appreciation for a loved one can only make your bond grow stronger. It may seem like a strange phenomenon, but the more you take time to celebrate the positive in your relationship, you’ll find there are more and more positive things to actually celebrate. There really isn’t much in a relationship that we can control, but we can control our choice to focus on those moments that may seem ordinary, and by appreciating them they transform into extraordinary moments.  We know that when two people celebrate even the smallest pleasures, there is a deeper connection and a greater love. Who doesn’t want more love?

So we went to our community members for inspiration and asked them to make a big deal out of nothing, so to speak. We asked them to call out the little things they love about relationships and, in doing so, they truly brought the ordinary moments to life as extraordinary ones.

Warning: If you’re self conscious about your softer side, you might want to clear the room. I’m just saying, it’s possible that the following quotes will bring tears to your eyes.

Take a look at just a few of the little things our Zooskers believe should not be taken for granted:

  • “I love when a guy brushes the hair out of your face, lightly strokes his hand down your face and tells you that he loves you.”
  • “When we’re lying down in bed and I’m holding her in my arms, I love it when she grabs onto my hand and snuggles in tighter. You get to feel her body heat against my body. Smell the fragrance from her hair, and feel completely comfortable before you finally doze off. Not even the dreams you have once you fall asleep compare to that lil’ happiness you have right beforehand.”
  • “Those moments of unexpected hugs or a quick twirl around the room as my favorite song is playing on the stereo”
  • “Having someone to sit outside and share a cup of cocoa or a cold beer with after the chores are done and the kids are asleep..”
  • “Eskimo kisses, when you rub your noses together. I love the ‘look.’ The look that means everything like, ‘God, I’m so happy your mine, and that I’m here with you now in this world at this very moment’”
  • “I love it when he comes into a room full of people and me and he eyes me and walks quickly but nonchalantly to me and gives me a ‘hello, I have missed you so and am so glad to see you’ kiss. I love when he takes my hand and leads me safely through a crowed place.”
  • “Going through my day not noticing any other girl, even if they are flirtatious. All that is on my mind is the one waiting for me to be back in her arms.”
  • “The comfort of having someone there simply because they want to be there with and for you.”
  • “The way that he wraps his arms around your waist when he goes in for a kiss and holds you tight. It just makes me want to stay there forever.”
  • “The way my lips still tingle after a soft kiss, knowing that it’ll happen again soon.”
  • “Sitting by a warm and cozy bonfire, watching the sunset while having my boyfriend’s hand in mine.”
  • “When she comes up behind me and kisses my neck, runs her hands down my chest, and hugs me tight, being able to smell her in the process.”
  • “Sometimes when I’m asleep before she gets home and she gets into bed, her waking me up. Instantly she is in my arms like she wanted to be there all day. As silly as it sounds, when I come up behind her and give her a light spank. Seeing her jump, squeal, laugh and then give me a look like, ‘I’m gonna get you for that.’”
  • “When I get a special unscheduled lunch visit from the other half.”
  • “I miss holding a woman while falling asleep. It makes me that much more relax knowing I have someone next to me and I have a need to protect someone.”
  • “Acting silly with somebody that doesn’t judge you for it.”
  • “Standing in the kitchen with my back to the room, doing dishes, cooking, or whatever and having him sneak up behind me, wrap his arms around my waist, pulling me against him and kissing the back of my neck.”
  • “The softly whispered words, I love you, and knowing he really, really means it.”
  • “I love waking up in the middle of the night next to him and asking him to hold me. Then when he pulls me into his arms I snuggle back down and go to sleep listening to his breathing. I love the touch.”

Sigh. That was better than watching Julia Roberts tell Hugh Grant that “she is just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” You know what movie I’m talking about.

Bottom line: Life is short. So love hard. By all means, please make a big deal out of nothing.

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