Congratulations to Rachel and David, who found love on Zoosk

By Juliet O

Congratulations to Rachel and David, two Zooskers who successfully found love on our site!

Rachel sent us a heartwarming email recently and described how she met David only two weeks after creating her Zoosk profile. “It was the second week of August 2009 when I joined your networking site Zoosk. I was going through my mail and saw my new sweetie had winked at me. Usually I just think that it’s a cheesy way to connect — but it is, after all, a start. So I replied and thanked him for the interest. After that he described himself and his ideal date. I asked him for his phone number and talked to him until 4AM!”

Smartly, this couple got to know each other online first before they decided to meet. They chatted online for a week before they scheduled a date. “We first started talking on the 16th,” said Rachel, “Soon I felt comfortable with him and decided to meet him! We met on the 21st and have not stopped talking via phone or hanging out since!”

Rachel and David are now in a committed relationship. “We are in a relationship and always talk about the future together (but never miss living in this moment either). I know we are in love because he completes me. I am so excited that in this busy world there are sites like Zoosk that are available to meet your potential sweetheart!”

While she is no longer dating on Zoosk, Rachel maintains her Zoosk profile to connect with the friends she made on our site. Zoosk isn’t just for online dating — you can keep your Zoosk active as a way to stay in contact with friends. But, in the name of honesty, her profile now states she’s in a relationship. Rachel states, “I also changed my profile to help other guys know that I am in a committed relationship. I would not want to lead anyone on!!! Thanks for hearing David and my story!!!”

We wish Rachel and David all the luck in their relationship and we’re so proud to have helped these two Zooskers find love.

If you have found your love on Zoosk, send us your story here! If we feature your story on our site, we’ll send you and your partner an online gift certificate as a token of our congratulations.

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Rachel and David, who found love on Zoosk

  1. Thank you Juliette for featuring our story…David and I are indeed VERY happy!!! MuCH luck to fellow Zoozker’s!!!!!


    PS-Always remember safty first!!!

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