Zoosk.com Advice: Ask Julie Spira, Online Dating Expert

by Julie Spira, online dating expert

Congratulations! You’ve found a Zoosker that you’d like to get to know better. You’ve chatted online and now you believe that you’d like to take the chatting offline. How do you create the excitement online that will guarantee you a fabulous date in real life?

It’s time to take notes and follow the 5 F’s of Getting to a Fabulous First Date. First of all…

1. FIND someone that piques your curiosity. Search through Zoosk Date Cards to see what you have in common behind the smiling faces by viewing “Your Likes” and answering their Icebreakers. Watch your ZooskBox fill up with potential girls that you’d like to get to know better who will be eager to meet you. Then, ramp it up and…

2. FLIRT like crazy. You have to be in to win! Engage in quick fun, and flirty emails and wait for the responses to pour in. Contact women whose Date Cards make you smile and turn up the volume on the flirting techniques. There’s over 50 million single Zooskers, so there’s plenty of women waiting to hear from you. Make sure to keep it…

3. FUN – Make sure your Icebreakers are filled out on your date card to get started. Send emails about some of the most fun activities that you have experienced to let your personality shine. If you’ve jumped out of an airplane in a parachute let her know. Camped out in Yosemite? Add it to the list. Win an award for a spelling bee? It can be as simple as this. Don’t forget to find the…

4. FACTS – After 3 emails, it’s time to dig deeper and find out more about your potential date. Is she allergic to cats? Has she been out of work for a period of time? Still not over her ex? Drinking while driving? It’s time to find out what the possible deal breakers could be and dig in and do a little homework. If she passes the test, it’s time to put a date on the calendar. Finally, remember to…

5. FOLLOW-THROUGH – The old saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the deal” holds true for online and social dating. Respond quickly to the Zoosk Flirts when you’re notified that someone has taken the time to write to you. Waiting a few days may send her the wrong message that you aren’t interested. If she’s truly a catch, other Zooskers will realize that as well.

Remember to follow the 5 Fs in your first few emails. FIND someone interesting. FLIRT like crazy. Keep it FUN and light. Get the FACTS before you meet. FOLLOW THROUGH before your potential date goes from hot to ice-cold. With these F’s in mind, get out there and date, FEARLESSLY.

About the author: Julie Spira is a worldwide authority in online dating. Her expert dating advice has appeared in numerous media outlets including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, ABC News, CBS News, FOX News, BBC Radio, Cosmo Radio, Cyberguy, E! Entertainment, Glamour.com, Men’s Health, and the Huffington Post.  She was named one of the Top 10 Columnists to follow on Twitter. Check out her CyberDatingExpert site and her best-selling book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online.

7 thoughts on “Zoosk.com Advice: Ask Julie Spira, Online Dating Expert

  1. Hi JulieI lose interest quickly with women on the dating sites,i do not like rejection,it’s hit my morale deeply,aim confused about young or old women,attractive or not,i do not know what i want,it’s been like that for so many years,i awaite your reaction,bye now.

    • Hi Jerzlem!

      Thank you for your comment. It’s easy to get frustrated and lose interest, and no, it’s not the 6th F on my list.

      By dating different women in a wide range of ages, you will see who you are most comfortable with. Attraction often comes from the inside out, so take the time to get to know someone and go on that extra date. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.


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  3. hi julie

    have you got any advice for a bloke thats not the next brad pitt on how to meat a nice girl also on how to talk, and how to show my personality with out looking like a fall

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