Zoosk Success Story: “We felt like we were 18th century lovers corresponding by mail”

Today we’d like to share the incredibly romantic success story between two Zooskers, Dave and Maria, who met on Zoosk last year and are getting married this upcoming October, on the anniversary of Dave’s parents. Congratulations Dave and Maria! We wish you all the happiness in the world!

I’ve been holding off on sending my success story because our story is still being written, but here goes: our story thus far.

I met Maria on Zoosk back in June of 2009. She had seen my profile many times, but had passed me up because of the considerable distance between us. I live in the southern suburbs of Philadelphia and she lives in the Bronx. However, she said my warm, big smile kept her coming back. Finally she sent me a wink and being a polite guy, I flirted back. Well the fireworks began almost immediately! We chatted and giggled and shared intimate details as if we’d been longtime, close friends for decades! Then, when I bought a webcam, we flirted “face to face” and had even more fun! We decided to view our unconventional, online contact as an advantage that allowed us to get to really know each other on deeper, strong levels without the steamy, physical aspect getting in the way and clouding things. We felt like we were 18th-century lovers corresponding by mail.

Well, it worked. We forged an unbreakable bond and fondness before we even met in person and then, once we got in the same room, our relationship exploded and flourished into the crazy, passionate romance we now share. I asked Maria to marry me on New Year’s eve 2009/2010 and she said “Of course!” She know wears the ring my maternal grandfather gave to my grandmother upon their engagement in 1928. Maria says she would not trade it for a million dollar ring and a million dollars. Maria is a high quality person.

I am scheduled to move to New York in June and our wedding is planned for Saturday, October 16th, 2010. The day after my parent’s anniversary (wed in 1949 and still going strong) and the day before my own birthday. Meeting Maria has completely changed my life into something so much better than I ever dared to wish upon a star for. I love her and will never let her go. And we have Zoosk to thank!

-Dave Beaver

Happy tidings, Dave and Maria. If any of you readers have a success story you’d like to share, send it to success [at] zoosk [dot] com and we’d love to feature it on our blog! Happiness should be shared, and we want to share yours.

One thought on “Zoosk Success Story: “We felt like we were 18th century lovers corresponding by mail”

  1. UPDATE: This story was nearly two years ago. Maria and I were married on December 6th, 2010 and in June, will celebrate 3 years as a loving couple. After contacting and meeting several other ladies through Zoosk, I met my soul mate Maria and am living happily ever after with her and my 4 step sons and 2 dogs.

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