Congrats to Verity and Matthew from the UK!

Congrats, Verity and Matthew, now married!

Matt and I met on Zoosk in March 2008. Once we met, we were unable to spend much time apart, as our connection was so strong. I had a son from a previous relationship and Matt was a father to him from the start. Matt thinks of him as his own child and they have such a close bond, something that I had never seen before.

A few months after we met on Zoosk, we decided to move in together. In December 2008 we went on holiday to Las Vegas. On our last evening Matt got down on one knee and proposed to me at dinner in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant overlooking the dancing fountains at the Bellagio. I said “yes” unable to hold the tears back and spent the majority of the rest of the evening unable to stop crying. I was so happy at that moment in time. The three of us were going to become a family.

We married in July 2009 in Chester, England and even had a Vegas themed reception with a casino because we loved our holiday so much. It is just over 2 years since we first met on Zoosk and we are thrilled to be expecting our second child in September!

Thank you so much Zoosk for your wonderful application that brought us together. We couldn’t be happier right now and it’s all thanks to you.

Verity & Matthew Peeke-Vout

One thought on “Congrats to Verity and Matthew from the UK!

  1. i like it’s very unique to find the one that will be kind and loving and i want to find someone in Brooklyn all Females in thire 40’s to share our Values and commitment.

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