ZooskTV: Phil the Axolotl

Meet Zoosk’s new friend, Phil the Axolotl! Who is Phil? More importantly, WHAT is Phil? Can an axolotl find true love in the animal kingdom? What’s to come of him? Watch this true Zoosk love story, and find out. No axolotls were hurt in the making of this video. Parts 2 and 3 to come!

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2 thoughts on “ZooskTV: Phil the Axolotl

  1. i am looking 4 a man that will be there 4 me and that would love me just 4 who would be there 4 me and that i will be the only woman that he would ever love

  2. Humans argue over politics. Meanwhile, the Axolotl are dying out.
    Lake Xochimilco outside of Mexico City, Mexico —   
    The Axolotl is an aquatic salamander that never grows out of the
    tadpole state. It is native to Lake Xochimilco. This animal can not be
    found in the wild anyplace else on Earth. According to scientists,
    there are only about 1200 left. They are becoming extinced in the wild
    because of foreign fish that were introduced to the lake, back in the
    1970’s. Now the local human population is dependent on the fishing
    industry surrounding the lake.
    These critters need to be preserved and transplanted to another lake
    similar to their natural habitat. Meanwhile, we need to figure out how
    they reproduce cut off limbs.
    Read more at http://www.under5cents.com/search/label/Axolotl

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