ZooskTV news report on love and the economy

A while ago, we released “Love in the Time of Microeconomics,” a special report on dating and the economy. We wanted to know: does the national singles’ pastime – i.e. dating – stagnate with the GDP? The results showed that singles do alter their behavior in times of hardship, but not in order to hinder dating. Rather, singles adjusted their expectations to allow for more dating, not less. While currency values and bank statements can fluctuate, the value of love remains the same: priceless. For more on this topic, check out the news package we put together for you as a fun ZooskTV extra! This and other videos are available on our YouTube page.

Produced, written, and directed by Juliette Tang. Hosted by Jsaon Fairbrother. Director of photography Jason Fairbrother.

2 thoughts on “ZooskTV news report on love and the economy

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  2. What is important is that both partners should come from a similar financial background. Financial problems are behind a lot of divorces.

    When two people come from different financial backgrounds they have different approaches to handling money which can cause conflicts.

    (The author of this comment has a weblog: Economics 102 at https://economics102.wordpress.com/.

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