Zoosk Presents: Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for October 15-17

Happy Friday Zooskers. The moon is out and the night is young. To help you gear up for some weekend romance! Zoosk presents your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope! Good news: it is indeed an auspicious weekend for some online dating fun.

The overall picture is excellent for love this weekend, even though it’s possible to slip up and fall back into unhealthy relationship patterns. The Moon starts out in amicable Libra on Friday, October 8, the partnership sign that’s especially gracious and accommodating to others. This socially skillful sign is ideal for making initial contacts with new people or restoring peace and harmony in a current alliance.

But also on Friday, Libra’s ruling planet Venus stops and begins her six-week retrograde cycle that tempts everyone to revisit the past. This is fine when it restores an old relationship or when inspiration is found. However, going over the same unsatisfying emotional territory without making progress is bound to be frustrating.

The Moon enters steamy Scorpio on Saturday, October 9, taking romance to a deeper level. Trustworthy people make it safe to plunge into passion without restraint. Yet if honesty is lacking, it’s possible to get caught up in negative manipulation and control issues.

The Moon joins the planetary lovers Mars and Venus on Sunday, October 10, which turns the heat up as high as it can go. Attraction and anger could go to extremes, making it a tough time for the fainthearted but a perfect day for those willing to go all the way.

Now get prepared as next week’s Full Moon in freedom-loving Aries urges you to balance commitment with independence!

By Jeff Jawer
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