Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for October 29-31

There could be real romantic magic this weekend, but it doesn’t come without some complications when loving Venus backs into a conjunction with the Sun in sexy Scorpio. This magnetic chemistry increases passion and desire, yet it’s tempting to fall back into old behaviors that might not be healthy.

There’s a thin line between desire and obsession, but sensing when emotions completely eliminate common sense is a good way to stay on the right side of this equation.

The Moon enters heartfelt Leo on Friday, October 29, which adds another layer of drama to the weekend. This outgoing and playful sign loves a show, and romance is one of its favorite kinds. The combination of this theatrical Leo Moon and the intense Sun-Venus conjunction is certain to produce fireworks. Moments of extreme pleasure can quickly turn dark for incomprehensible reasons; there’s a tendency to be blunt with the Moon in bold Leo, which doesn’t necessarily rub sweet Venus the right way.

A key to maintaining harmony is to avoid going to extremes. The highs of excitement may too often be followed by a resounding crash when reality sets in. While there’s no way to get around the intensity, which can also be fun, turning down the volume a tiny bit won’t spoil the party.

by Jeff Jawer

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