Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for November 5-7

The New Moon occurring in passionate Scorpio on Friday, November 5, sets the tone for an emotionally charged weekend. There’s little room for mixed feelings in this super-heated environment as attractions are either magnetically strong or just don’t spark at all. Slowing down to spend time on one activity or with just one person is a way to tap into the concentrated power of Scorpio’s desire and allure. Intelligent conversations are sexy with the Moon in this brainy Air sign, with seduction coming from bright ideas more than flattery or fancy moves.

If your attention wanders, the object of your affection may feel abandoned, so stay close to the one you’re with to maintain the connection. This subtle but powerful sign touches the deepest parts of people, leaving fast talkers and blithe spirits looking like lightweights and removing them from the romantic picture. Letting go of a past emotional wound can be an issue now, making it essential to recognize when you are holding onto a memory that keeps you from living in the present.

The sultry thickness in the air lifts on the morning of Sunday, November 7, when the fun-loving Sagittarius Moon turns hearts and minds toward fresh adventures. Yesterday’s interests can appear dull in the bright light of Sagittarian feelings that do not engage in nostalgia but serve as a beacon of hope about what the future can bring. Having fun without commitment matches the freedom loving spirit of this sign and is a wise way to sidestep the complications of retrograde Venus traveling through the mysterious depths of Scorpio.

by Jeff Jawer

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