Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for November 12-14

Logical Love

There’s a cool breeze this weekend that can make it hard to find the emotional heat we usually associate with romance. The mood-giving Moon is in chilly Aquarius where the needs for space, friendship and mental stimulation take precedence over the moist, messy intimacy that typifies our ideas about romantic love. Appealing to sentiment is not going to work now, so it’s wiser to enjoy the company of others without expectations beyond the companionship of the moment. If you feel crowded or start pressuring someone to do what you want, comfort can dissipate quickly and trust might be broken. An independent and innovative attitude makes it possible to enjoy someone as a lover without strings attached or a spontaneous pal who can show up unexpectedly and leave without warning.


The Moon joins imaginative Neptune and forms a favorable alignment with retrograde Venus on the night of Saturday, November 13 to stir up memories of old flames, inspire vivid dreams and invite tender thoughts.

Still, if the intellectual crispness of Aquarius leaves you feeling out in the cold, a lunar shift into sweet, soft and sensitive Pisces presents a more comforting environment on Sunday, November 14. Reason and logic give ground, allowing emotions and intuition to flow more easily and restoring a sense of safety and connection with those you love.

By Jeff Jawer at DailyHoroscope.

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