Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for November 19-21

There are two distinct emotional speeds to this weekend. It starts out slowly with the love planet Venus catching her breath after turning direct on Thursday, November 18, and the Moon’s move into sensual Taurus on Friday, November 19. This earth sign enjoys the tactile delights that life has to offer, so delicious that food and drink, good music, lovely scents and the power of nature can arouse desire. However, it’s essential to pace ourselves because the Bull doesn’t like to be rushed. In fact, any pressure to act quickly is likely to be resisted with the Moon in this most stubborn of all the zodiac signs. Subtle seduction and gentle persuasion are much more reliable motivators than demands, ultimatums or aggression.

One of the gifts of the Taurus Moon is the ability to enjoy being in our bodies, which makes pleasing ourselves relatively easy. This creates a comfortable atmosphere in which people can come together without pressure or a sense of desperation. It’s all about sharing simple pleasures instead of just avoiding the pain of isolation.

The bucolic Taurus Full Moon on Sunday, November 21, is quickly followed by the Moon’s shift into jittery Gemini, bringing urgency for movement, change and mental stimulation. Consistency goes out the window with Luna in the sign of the Twins where attentions flitter from one person, idea or activity to another, and cleverness counts more than reliability.

by Jeff Jawer at DailyHoroscope! For more, check out your Weekly Love Horoscope!

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