Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for November 26-28

Just in time for the long weekend: your weekend love horoscope! We call it: “Drama, Drama, Drama“.

Emotions are likely to be dramatic with the Moon in theatrical Leo on Friday, November 26. Big gestures are needed to attract and sustain attention. Being slightly interested in someone is the equivalent of not caring at all. If you’re not willing to gamble fully with your heart, you might as well keep your chips and save them for another day. Yes, you may encounter an immature show off, a braggart or someone who is egotistical. But these displays of narcissism are just examples of the less developed side of attention-seeking Leo. However, a person with true self-confidence will act with bravery, creativity and a generosity that can turn even the darkest moments into opportunities for love.

There is, though, an edgy Mercury-Uranus square on Saturday, November 27 that wires up nervous systems, evoking restlessness and provoking sudden changes of plans. Even when commitment is deep, it’s possible that someone can back out of an activity at the last possible minute.

Sunday, November 28 is more stable, although less romantically rich, as the Moon leaves luxurious Leo and enters discreet Virgo in the wee hours of the morning. This productive and modest sign favors practical activities where getting things done on a material level can create a quiet sense of contentment and closeness with someone you love.

byJeff Jawer at DailyHoroscope.com!

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