Singles discuss food and fashion in 2010

Food and clothes are among the necessities of life, though these two in particular seem more necessary to some than to others. Since modern rituals of dating almost universally require singles to (1) dress up and (2) dine out, we figured that singles would have a lot to say about their relationship to food and fashion. Zoosk conducted a survey on the eating and dressing habits of 1,500 single people, posing a variety of important sociological questions like whether men should wear skinny jeans and whether it’s sensible to spend extra for an organic tomato. The results? Fascinating! See below.

Worst fashion trends for singles

Zoosk asks: “Among ironic mustache, Ed Hardy, skinny jeans, nerd glasses, and man purse, which is the worst current fashion trend for men?”

  • 35% of singles respond that skinny jeans are the worst menswear trend.
  • 35% of singles vote for man purse aka “murse”.
  • 12% of singles say ironic mustache, Colonel Sanders style, is the worst trend.
  • 11% of singles choose Ed Hardy.
  • 7% of singles say nerdy glasses.

Zoosk asks: “Of socks’n’sandals, extreme high waist jeans, oversize sunglasses, one-piece jumpsuits, and fur boots, which is the worst current fashion trend for women?”

  • Sandals with socks and “mom jeans” tie for worst fashion trend for women, each receiving 27% of the vote as the worst crime of fashion.
  • 19% of singles say oversize sunglasses are the biggest fashion faux pas.
  • 18% of singles vote for one-piece jumpsuits.
  • 9% of singles say no to fur boots.

The food and lifestyle choices of single people

Zoosk asks singles whether they consistently shop or eat organic food

  • 44% of singles say they think paying extra for organic food is a faux pas, believing that it’s all the same at the end of the day.
  • 48% of singles say they sometimes shop organic and they sometimes don’t, that it all depends.
  • Only 9% of singles report they pay extra for organic groceries on a consistent basis.

Zoosk asks: So… would you date a vegan?

  • 55% of singles say they will date a vegan.
  • 45% of singles report that a relationship without dairy products is not a relationship they want any part of.

Considering the amount of people who are trying to lose weight, a temporary vegan diet might not be a bad idea.

  • 59% of singles say they’re currently on a diet.
  • 41% of singles respond that they are comfortable with their current weight.

What’s the take-away message? Here are the key findings:

  1. Skinny jeans and the man purse tie for worst fashion trend for men.
  2. For women, sandals with socks or extreme high-waist pants are the equivalent of man-repellent.
  3. Organic labels are cropping up everywhere, and everywhere single people are avoiding them.
  4. Singles on vegans = a house divided.
  5. Pretty much everyone is dieting.

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