Singles discuss technology in 2010

This year saw the birth of the iPhone 4, iPad, Google’s driverless car, the Martin Jetpack, a robot capable of detecting sarcasm, the malaria proof mosquito, energy harvesting underwater kites, every last celebrity joining Twitter, and David Fincher’s The Social Network movie – as well as Zoosk’s Affinity product, a new and improved Zoosk messenger, the Zoosk iPhone and Android applications, and ZSMS: Zoosk’s Scientific Matchmaking System. How exciting!

In honor of the year’s tech milestones, Zoosk surveyed 1,500 Zoosk users on the hottest tech trends of the moment. The results reveal insights not only on how singles are engaging with the latest technologies, but also on how they are using technology to find love.

Sexiest Technology

Zoosk asks: “What’s the sexiest smartphone?

  • 34% of singles say the iPhone is the sexiest smartphone.
  • 27% vote Android.
  • 20% vote Blackberry.
  • 15% say “other.”
  • 4% respond Windows phones. Ouch!

Zoosk asks: “What’s the sexiest reading gadget?”

  • 60% of singles say an actual book is sexier than any reading gadget.
  • 27% of singles say the iPad is the sexiest reading gadget.
  • 7% of singles say the Kindle is the sexiest reading gadget.
  • The Nook and the Sony Reader each received 3% of the vote.

How singles engage with technology

Zoosk asks: “Have you ever sent someone a naughty photo of yourself?”

  • 43% of singles admit they’ve sent a naughty photo of themselves before.
  • 28% of singles say they haven’t yet sent a naughty photo, but wouldn’t rule it out.
  • 29% of singles say they’ve never shared a naughty photo of themselves, and won’t ever.

Zoosk asks: “Is it cool not to have a Facebook profile?”

  • 64% of singles say it’s “cool” if someone doesn’t have a Facebook profile. Not being on Facebook shows one doesn’t need to follow the crowd.
  • 24% of singles say it’s “a tad suspicious” for someone not to be on Facebook.
  • 12% of singles say it is “unacceptable” for someone not to be on Facebook.

Zoosk asks: “What’s your favorite form of electronic communication?”

  • 43% of singles say that text message is their preferred form of communication.
  • 27% of singles prefer the more traditional phone call.
  • 14% of singles prefer to communicate via Facebook.
  • 10% of singles prefer email.
  • 7% prefer instant message.
  • 0% prefer Twitter!

Zoosk asks: “Are you comfortable sharing personal information about your life and your relationships on your social networking sites?”

  • 50% of men say they’re completely comfortable sharing details about their lives on social media sites.
  • 46% of women say they’re comfortable sharing details about their lives online.

So, what were our key findings? Here’s a summary:

  1. Move over iPad and Kindle. An actual book is sexier than any reading gadget.
  2. You don’t need to be Justin Timberlake to bring sexy back – all you need is an iPhone with a Zoosk app installed on it!
  3. Nearly half of singles have naughty photos of themselves floating around!!
  4. Despite the ease singles feel in publishing their personal information on the web, it’s still considered sexy to stay on the more mysterious side.
  5. The phone call may be on its way out, thanks to text messaging. Twitter – not so much.
  6. When it comes to sharing on social media, women are more private than men!

What do you think of these findings? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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