Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for December 3-5

Let Go of the Past

This is a transformational weekend when it’s best to let go of the past and plunge boldly into the future. The unrelenting Scorpio Moon is close to the end of its monthly cycle with the Sun. It’s time now to release emotions and relinquish attitudes that stand in the way of love. While it’s fine to revisit memories, the purpose is to extract whatever value you can find and then head in a new direction.

This journey begins with the lunar ingress into optimistic Sagittarius early on Saturday as eyes and hearts look ahead to a brighter tomorrow. Bold promises are made and expectations could be unrealistic, yet the Sagittarius New Moon on Sunday signals a fresh start. Expanding the boundaries in a current alliance, encountering new people or experimenting with different ways to connect can be quite exciting, but also might leave you feeling uncertain as you travel through unfamiliar territory.

This is not a time for guarantees or safety nets since clinging to familiar people and habits could lead to a dead end. It’s risky but wiser to speak the truth about your desires and not to place limits as to where and how they can be fulfilled. You might not reach the epic heights of a romance novel, but it’s better to fall short of grand expectations than to stay in an old familiar bubble.

By Jeff Jawer of DailyHoroscope. For more, check out your Weekly Love Horoscope.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for December 3-5

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