Point/Counterpoint: Should older women date younger men?

Two single people discuss the ‘age old’ question: Should older women date younger men? In this episode of Point/Counterpoint, Ally and Garret debate 2 different sides of ‘cougar’ question – in only 30 seconds!

Point/Counterpoint is a dating series developed by Zoosk in which a yes-or-no dating question is posed to 2 singles, one who argues ‘yes’ and the other who argues ‘no’. Each person has 30 seconds to present their side of the debate and explain why they feel the way they do. To answer the question yourself, become a fan of Zoosk on Facebook or follow Zoosk on Twitter and tell us your thoughts!

Created, produced, and directed by Juliette Tang.
Shot and edited by Jason Fairbrother.
Casting by Jason Fairbrother.
Featuring Ally and Garrett from San Francisco.

3 thoughts on “Point/Counterpoint: Should older women date younger men?

  1. Age really has nothing to do with CHEMISTRY& RESPECT,,,without chemistry & respect no relationship will survive,,, no matter what the age difference

  2. Aside from rolling her eyes at everything the guy said, what’s wrong with that girl? Since when does a guy have to pick out food or shoes for a woman? Also, just because someone is older doesn’t mean that are necessarily more educated. Horrible arguments by the girl strictly from a vanity standpoint of a high maintenance personality.

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