Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope for December 10-12

We could be in for some very strange experiences this weekend. The Moon is in quirky Aquarius through Saturday morning, which favors more experimental and unconventional approaches to love. Surprising a sweetie with an unexpected event or stimulating yourself by doing something entirely out of character could provide an enlivening shock to the system and make life more fun.

Prepare for a pesky cosmic wrinkle as communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on Friday, beginning three weeks of backward motion when messages tend to be muddled and details managed carelessly. Fortunately, there is a forgiving mood emerging with the Moon’s entry into compassionate Pisces on Saturday. This poetic sign thrives on romance and honors those who suspend practical considerations in pursuit of love.

Favorable lunar aspects to Mars, Pluto and Mercury power Saturday night with delicious desires that can be expressed with subtle delicacy and grace. Going the extra mile to infuse life with creative touches adds the magic that makes relationships rock. There’s a cosmic treat for those who stay up late on Saturday night.

By Jeff Jawer at DailyHoroscope.

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