Point/Counterpoint: Dating & Weight

Here’s a new episode of Point/Counterpoint courtesy of ZooskTV! Zoosk asked Arian and Zach, “Would you date someone considered to be overweight?” They discuss a controversial question about weight and attractiveness in this episode – in only 30 seconds.

Point/Counterpoint is a dating series developed by Zoosk in which a yes-or-no dating question is posed to 2 singles, one who argues ‘yes’ and the other who argues ‘no’. Each person has 30 seconds to present their side of the debate and explain why they feel the way they do. To answer the question yourself, Fan Zoosk on Facebook or Follow Zoosk on Twitter and share your thoughts!

Created, produced, and directed by Juliette Tang.
Shot and edited by Jason Fairbrother.
Featuring Arian and Zach from San Francisco.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this program do not represent those of Zoosk.com; everything expressed in the video is attributed individuals interviewed on the program, not to Zoosk.com.

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