Wes and Lori from Shenandoah, Iowa, fall in love on Zoosk!

Congrats to Wes and Lori! The happy couple met on Zoosk and, despite their differences, have decided to make things work. Here’s what Wes wrote to say:

I wanted to tell you how happy I am I subscribed to Zoosk. Shortly after joining I met Lori and was captivated by her photo. However, it started out a bit rocky as not all our ideals were matched, ideologically. Lori had really captured my interest, very pretty with other interests, just something I can’t explain, I just know. I refused to give up on her as she seemed saddened it was potentially not going to work out. I explained I had many good friends whom we shared opposite ideologies and encouraged her to at least write back and see what we had more in common. Happily she did. Soon it was Zoosk flirts, Facebook messages and emails. That turned into our first phone call in which we seemed totally comfortable talking 2 hours. Several phone calls later and we decided on our first date on February 7th, 2011. It was a simple but near perfect date. Less than a week later we’ve committed to an exclusive relationship. Early on we made a pact that wherever this goes we will stay friends. So now the adventure starts. Thank you, Zoosk.com for making two more people very happy.

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3 thoughts on “Wes and Lori from Shenandoah, Iowa, fall in love on Zoosk!

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  2. Hi there both of you!
    Well i must say,two of you look very happy! Wes your a lucky guy on Zoosk too meet Lori.If and when,you guys get married let us know,when the date is,ok! Best of Luck in the future!
    Mike Fr.Delaware 🙂

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