Can’t Sleep Video – ZooskTV

JRandall is on Zoosk 🙂

“Can’t Sleep” by JRandall – LYRICS

Bags under my eyes like I’m 35,
Need my black shades on me,
Yea I need a disguise.
Feel like I’m Lohan, Floatin,
I’m so high I’m drifting away, oh yea.
I’m walkin slow, sideways with a limp,
I need a cane and a hat because bitch I’m a pimp.
Feel like I’m Hilton, Tilted,
I might make a sex tape today, oh yea.

I’m up all night and I can’t get enough
I want to go and dance forever,
I’m just Zooskin’ for love, I can’t sleep.
I don’t know what tonight’s gonna bring,
Because I don’t want to close my eyes,
I don’t wanna miss a thing.
Can’t sleep no Z’s for me, For me,
I can’t sleep. No no no, no no, I can’t sleep,
no no no, no no no, can’t sleep no z’s for me, for me.

Teddy Pain don’t sleep no never,
Nuvo ain’t makin it no better.
Too cold can’t wear no sweater, No way.
I feel like Flo Rida,
Everytime I turn my head round round,
And the only thing makin it stop,
Is seein that booty hit the ground.
And she’s bringin it back up,
What is she doin now, drop it like,
Boom Boom, Boom Boom Pow.
She knows what she’s doin,
So come on shorty do it,
Cuz everytime she does it I get stuck.

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