From Cincinatti – Zoosk Couple of the Day

Congrats to this lovely pair from the Cincinnati area who wrote in to share their Zoosk online dating success story!

Being busy professionals, we didn’t have the time in our lives to find each other. If not for Zoosk we would probably have never met. We chatted and exchanged contact information and setup a date for Saturday July 30, 2011. I travel for work and she is new to the Cincinnati area and we just exchanged text messages. Prior to the date on Saturday, I had grown so intrigued by her, I wanted to meet her sooner and asked her for a date. Risking the chance of total rejection I offered her an entire night at my home with my 2-year-old daughter and myself, 100% of who I really am. She accepted and a date was in the works. I had only 2 hours to gather the dinner groceries, straighten the house and prepare dinner all while tending to my daughter. She arrived on time and from the moment My eyes met hers, I was falling. I made Italian marinated grilled chicken breast over streamed rice and vegetables, complimented with a decent bottle of wine. 1 red rose as a symbol of great things to come and hours of great conversation ensued. We spent the weekend together, simple dinner in Newport,KY and a concert on Sunday. It was the perfect weekend, I found the woman I have dreamed about for years. She is beautiful, very educated, charming, funny and dorky all in one, but she is herself and I really like that!

C Gibbs

Zoosk loves receiving online dating success stories so if you have your own Zoosk love story to share, send it to success [at] zoosk [dot] com and we’ll happily publish it for you. Because online dating WORKS, and the world needs to know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “From Cincinatti – Zoosk Couple of the Day

  1. Awesome!! Your story was touching to the heart. I hope I find my dream man on Zoosk as you both did. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy!

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