Zoosk couple of the day: Kaitlin & Benjamin from Baltimore, Maryland

Congrats to Kaitlin & Benjamin from Baltimore, Maryland, Zoosk couple of the day!

Thanks to Zoosk, my soul mate was able to find me. After having a really bad rough relationship, I was looking to quit at dating for a while. That was when I saw an interesting commercial for Zoosk. I decided to give it a try, after hearing my brothers story of meeting a lot of interesting people through online dating. I really wasn’t looking for anything serious or really a relationship, especially after the horrible one I got out of. All though I wasn’t looking for much of anything, but a close knit friendship and a relationship found me. Both of us were damaged good from past relationships, but we both blossomed together with this new relationship. We spent weekends together for a while, until we moved in together after just 5 months! We’ve been living together and nothing has changed since the day we met. I still feel the butterfly’s in my stomach when he comes home, we make each other laugh till we’re in tears, and we still love each other so much. It’s been almost one year and there will be many more to come! Two halves of the same heart, together as one. With out Zoosk, this never would have been possible! THANKS ZOOSK! ~Kaitlin & Benjamin 

Congrats! Do you have a Zoosk success story you’d like to share? Send it to success [at] zoosk [dot] com!

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