Zoosk couple of-the-day: Charlotte & Phil from California

Congrats to Zoosk couple-of-the-day, Charlotte & Phil from Granada Hills, California! The newlyweds met on Zoosk and are now happily married. Phil writes:

“I met my wife Charlotte on Zoosk. I had profiles on every dating site for a long time with little to no luck. Finally I cancelled them all, except Zoosk (but was getting ready to), when she winked at me. So I winked back then we talked on e-mail for a while, then had quite a few long phone conversations, then met and really hit it off. We got married August 6th 2011. Thank you Zoosk!” —Charlotte & Phil from Granada Hills, CA

If you’ve met your partner on Zoosk, send us your Zoosk success story and couples’ photo, at success [at] zoosk [dot] com! Check out more real-life Zoosk love stories on our Zoosk success story archive.

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2 thoughts on “Zoosk couple of-the-day: Charlotte & Phil from California

  1. 0h it wud b
    7th heaven to be with some1 & it cud take but
    5mins to get to know that
    1 special female who could set my spirit
    3 my heart & soul so come take
    5 steps nearer to me if ur near & want to meet?
    4 more information on how text me back & maybe us
    2 can meet up & who knows what cud happen?
    5 steps & the heat cud be on. will it be a scorching
    90 degrees or will we tip the scales to over heating?

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