Happy Valentine’s Day from Zoosk

Another February 14th is now just around the corner and it seems there’s just as many ways to celebrate the holiday as they are numbers of unique couples looking for that perfect romantic idea. Always at the forefront of dating and romance trends, Zoosk conducted surveys around the world to see how Zooskers felt about Valentine’s Day.

In the U.S., it seemed that men were better off ditching the chocolates and flowers, with women preferring something more personal and unique. 58% of women said flowers and chocolates are “too cliché” and that they prefer a Valentine’s Day gift that involves more thought.

American ladies were also big fans of Valentine’s Day cards, with 65% of women saying the love the sappy Valentine’s Day staples. Of course, more than half of American men said ‘save your money’.

In Britain, Zoosk’s survey revealed that Brits prefer a cozy night in or cook dinner with their partner rather than splashing the cash on a night out on the 14th. A fifth (20%) of people will stay in, saying they can still have fun without spending a penny and just over about a third (30%) will be cooking dinner with their perfect partner.

Australia agreed with the idea to keep Valentine’s low key. Almost 92% of those surveyed said they would be happy to receive a card and chocolates, which they saw as a thoughtful gift, and nearly 72% of respondents believed that less is more and gifts should be kept low key.

To get even more insight into the different ways couples plan to celebrate the special day, we interviewed some San Francisco couples about their recipes for romance. Check out this video and let us know your big plans in the comment section!



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