A Celebration of Kissing

With International Kissing Day right around the corner, one can’t help but think more about kissing. In a big way, kissing is the true odometer of your romantic journey. Think about it. That first one is full of significance and promise – a kind of romantic fanfare to welcome the possible beginning of a new relationship. Early on in dating, kissing becomes a sort of celebration of your romance evolving into something special. As the honeymoon period of dating begins to plateau, kissing becomes a more-casual way to confirm your togetherness. By now, you’re probably only really going at it like high schoolers when a bit tipsy or as a launch pad for a more-intimate encounter.

About a year into your coupledom, you’re unlikely to be making out at red lights. Now, it’s a way to say ‘thanks’, ‘hello’ or ‘have a good day at work.’ It’s affection, not passion. And it’s sublime. Primates: orangutans and chimps kiss. Not each other – they don’t live in the same habitats – but certainly within their own species. It’s a biological instinct wired right into our most ancient brains. It’s the most intimate way to communicate a feeling that’s hard to express otherwise. So, this July 6th, take some extra time to do a bit of extra kissing. There’s just no way you’ll regret it!

Alex Shapiro is the PR manager for Zoosk who likes to DJ, write and think about kissing.
How do you feel about kissing? Tell us in our comments section!

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