An International Love Lesson on Kissing

Zoosk’s latest Love Lesson is from the United States, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Just goes to show that no matter where you’re from, kissing is universal!

Produced by Juliette Tang | Directed by Juliette Tang and Nelsen Brazill | Filmed and edited by Nelsen Brazill | Production assistance by Nik Zvolensky | Music by Erin Brazill & the Brazillionaires, “Melt in My Pocket”. Presented by Zoosk.

Featuring: Elsa (USA) | Pauly (Australia) | Nicole (Germany) | Julien (France) | Alessandra (Italy) | Michael (Sweden) | Therkel (Denmark) | Aleks (Canada) | Jane (UK).

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