Behind the Scenes of a Love Lesson

This has been my first experience behind the rolling cameras and the hot, expensive lights. Filming takes a lot of quality time. First we started off with the setup of the cameras, lighting, and furniture. The lighting needed to be at a right amount and right angle. I’ve always wondered how it looks like behind the cameras. It is so sophisticated with all these different types of technology, from the microphones to the Canon cameras, to the lights. All those items combined make a wonderful video, such as a Love Lesson. A Love Lesson is a series of videos of regular people with different careers from all over San Francisco, giving tips on what to do and what not to do in a relationship.
It has also been very interesting and exciting because I got to see what went wrong. Bloopers are usually not shown but I got to see it up front! Overall I really liked the experience and I will be always thinking of that when I watch a movie or a video.
Haitao is an intern and is learning about all aspects of what makes a tech company tick, including the Zoosk Blog!

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