A Zoosk Success Story from Reno, NV

Congratulations to Susan from Reno, Nevada, on her Zoosk success story! Susan wrote us to share:

“We met on Zoosk.  He was quite a character and at first I told him we wouldn’t get along because I didn’t particularly care for competitive men. He is an ex race car driver,  go karts, superbikes, baseball coach, etc.  Turns out he is kind, compassionate, loyal and very loving.  I’m so happy we decided to meet.  The day we met we were lying in the grass talking and getting to know each other under a beautiful tree covered in pink blossoms.  A slight wind picked up and the tree dropped a beautiful cascade of thousands of pink flowers all over us. That was only the first sign that we were meant to be together. Every day we’re together, there is a new sign more special than the last that is guiding us to be together. It’s beautiful.” —Susan from Reno, NV

Have you met someone special on Zoosk too? Email a photo and a description of how you met to success [at] zoosk [dot] com and we’ll post it here on the blog.

Are you ready to discover someone to start a meaningful relationship with? Everyone on Zoosk is looking to meet someone. Signup and find dates on Zoosk.

Happy Zoosking!

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2 thoughts on “A Zoosk Success Story from Reno, NV

  1. Nice to see other success stories. Less than 3 weeks ago, I met a woman online whom since then I have shared a daily relationship with. I did not expect to find a person oline that I would be compatible with, however I did, lucky me for sure. I was only going to do Zoosk for a month and then cancel. As it occurred, lol, I became so involved with this new love of mine (Her online name is Debra Lioness) that I forgot to cancel my subscription shortly after meeting her and then was charged another month. I thought, though, that this extra unneeded monthly charge was worth it because real love to me has no price… Kevin Stites, 🙂

  2. Its wonderful reading your happy story.I woish you luck and happiness.It gives me hope of finding my mate sometimes that person in front of you.

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