Zoosk Couple: Dottie and Eric

Congrats to Zoosk couple Dottie and Eric on their marriage! The couple met on Zoosk earlier this year and just celebrated a wedding! Dottie shares with us:

“Dear Zoosk,

Eric and I met on Zoosk in February 2012. We communicated on Zoosk, and then via text and phone calls for about a month before actually meeting. We met on March 17, 2012 for our first date:  to Saturday evening church and dinner! By the third date:  music and dancing at home, we knew we were in love! We took a pre-wedding honeymoon trip to Puerto Rico in July 2012 and were married September 2, 2012…five months and 16 days after meeting on Zoosk! I love this man and am absolutely confident he loves me! Attached is an ‘unofficial’ wedding photo, sent to me by a friend, from her cell phone.  Official wedding photos should be ready this week.”


We wish them many happy returns and all the best, and we can’t wait to see the official wedding photos.

If you’ve got a Zoosk success story, send it to us at success [at] zoosk [dot] com – and don’t forget to set up your free Zoosk Couple Profile. Happy Zoosking!

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