Congrats Irene & Jeff! #RomanceFTW

Congrats Irene and Jeff, winners of Zoosk’s RomanceFTW competition earlier this summer! They got married last weekend and gave us this update to share:

We’re married!! We feel so lucky to have such awesome family and friends. Thank you all for your good wishes and celebrating with us!! We hope you enjoyed our special day!! ❤

What a perfect little update to share on their Couple Profile. Let’s send these newlyweds all our best wishes! Tweet your congrats message for Irene and Jeff to @Zoosk and hashtag it with #RomanceFTW! Happy Zoosking!

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One thought on “Congrats Irene & Jeff! #RomanceFTW

  1. Good to see you two happy and wish you the best in your future together. Always nice to see that if you reach out to and your hand is taken hold of that that leap of faith can be rewarded if you can be open w/one another good things happen, God Bless both of you!!! Keep the updates coming…

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