10 Ideas for Group Dates

by Mark Wu

Picture this: Your girlfriend wants to go out with her two best friends and their boyfriends – again. Girls love planning group outings involving their significant others, but going on dates with other couples can be pretty hit or miss.

Yes, group dinner dates are enjoyable every once in a while, but once you find yourself playing the “so what do you do?” game with another dude on your sixth dimly lit tapas night, it’s time to suggest some group activities that are fun for you – that the girls will approve of, too.

1.     Mixology class: You’ll graduate as a group from drinking vodka cranberries when you sign up for a cocktail making course together. Learn basic bar techniques to craft your own cocktails – and then have a drink or two together to celebrate!

2.     Video game night: If you’re just looking for a fun night at home, dig up your old gaming consoles and play some of the classics. Mario Kart on N64 is a guaranteed good time for everyone.

3.     Brewery tour: Head to a local brewery to join beer enthusiasts, tourists, and thirsty folks for a behind-the-scenes look at how your favorite local beer is brewed.

4.     Shooting range: While definitely not a date in the traditional sense, it’s a date idea you can definitely rally the other guys behind. And it’s always nice to have others around to admire (or commiserate over) your own marksmanship.

5.     Wine and cheese party: Have each couple bring over a bottle of wine and a few of their favorite cheese pairings for an easy and delicious night in. Girls love hosting, and you don’t even have to leave the house – just drink and eat cheese.

6.     BYOB painting: Channel your inner artist and create your own piece de resistance at your nearest BYOB painting venue. Most painting party spots provide instructors and all of the art supplies – all you need to bring is your own wine.

7.     Bowling: Bowling is a classic group activity for a reason: It’s one of the few sports that’s enjoyable even if you’re terrible at it, and the beer and greasy finger food usually makes you forget about all but those strikes.

8.     See an outdoor movie: For a group twist on the traditional dinner-and-a-movie, throw together your own picnic baskets and grab a few bottles of wine to take to an outdoor movie. It’s much easier than socializing along a row of seats in a dark movie theater – plus more romantic, too.

9.     Go-karting: Put your driving skills to the test with wheel-to-wheel racing at a nearby go-karting center. It’s fun, competitive, and gets the blood pumping.

10.  Comedy club: Nothing breaks the ice for an awkward group date like a good laugh. And even if your group isn’t that funny, at least the show will be hilarious.

*Bonus* Minigolfing: One of my best date ideas. Think about it – it’s a low skill game so either one of you can win. It keeps you moving and occupies you with something to do, but also slow enough so that you can talk and flirt with each other. It takes a pretty reasonable amount of time. You can make fun of each other’s bad shots and bond over the great ones. It works great as a 1 on 1 date as well as a group date. Try this bad boy out on your next date!

Photo via Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution No Derivs.

About the author: Mark is a Marketing Manager at Zoosk. He enjoys playing basketball, going clubbing, and watching Jeremy Lin.

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20 thoughts on “10 Ideas for Group Dates

  1. Wow what a great article! I can’t wait to take my wives to these events! It sure does get awkward sometimes when there’s more than one couple trying to enjoy themselves!

  2. this is a helpful piece. i think boys these days are pretty lazy about planning interesting outings, whether it’s with groups or 1 on 1….hopefully guys will take note! and girls too 🙂

  3. Totally agree with these great ideas. I hate those drab and often all too forgettable conversations over dinner. Guys like learning new things and honing skills in friendly competition. Also an excuse to stay home be able to catch Sunday Night football in HD is golden. Need more practical lists such as these! Bookmarked*

  4. also, thanks for posting these other ideas! i think a lot of times couples get lazy about doing more creative things with each other as time goes on….girls and boys should all take note of these alternative outings!

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