You’re sexy and you know it

by Jimi Alfaro

Often when in a long term relationship it’s easy to get a little lazy with your appearance. We like to dress up and look sexy during the honeymoon phase. We wear our designer or hip clothing that makes us feel confident to work. When we get home it’s easy to get into the habit of stripping down and putting on some much need comfy clothes. When both sides start getting into this routine the sexiness, the allure, the chivalry can slow down. The couple starts hanging out with each other rather then being together.

Depending on what you wear to class, the lame 9-5 or the air conditioned office it’s completely fair to want to get changed when you get home. Do get changed. Do get comfortable. But instead of getting into the comfortable cotton shorts, yoga pants or that perfect pair of worn in jeans that may or may not have a hole in it. Put on some nice weekend day clothing. Something you’d wear out to a nice bar for lunch or shopping in a nice shop. You can go as far as even organizing your closet accordingly. M-F day wear, M-F evening wear, going out/party wear, comfy wear. Though that might just be me being anal about closet organization.

The idea is to keep looking good for your partner. Keep yourself feeling confident and comfortable after a long day. While there will be plenty of nights that your yoga pants or cotton shorts will be a must have on. Try to keep this in mind. From time to time turn up your style at home. Dress up. Allure and arouse your partner. This well keep your eyes on each more then on the TV.

Photo via Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs.

About the author: Jimi is works at Zoosk as a Recruiter. He’s a Bay Area sports fan, talent scout and resume wrangler.

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3 thoughts on “You’re sexy and you know it

  1. So Important! There are so many distractions in this world, all pitted against a succesful healthful relationship. That being said, it’s important that both parties remember to keep the spark alive, continue to be that person that “wowd” your spouse. I am guilty of coming home and throwing on his white tank top, and my lil boy shorts, so I know the feeling of comfort and familiarity. I love your post, when you have some time please check out my blog at


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