Could gaming be a fun date night?

by Jimi Alfaro

When dating and trying to keep the spice going but you want to get your gaming in you normally have to choose one. And that choice is normally the gamer in me not getting to blow stuff up. Well one option is to date a fellow gamer. Then both of you will be excited to get some quality gaming in.

Now the next problem is on finding games that both of you are into. I ran into this situation. For me I had to give up some childish games. No more Rumble Roses at night. =P No more Allan Wake. I started looking for games that allowed both of us to play. Most games I found used spit screen or had one at a time game play. I needed to find out what games could get us laughing and enjoying but at the same time keep us challenged.

Not all games are great for couples. Over the past few years I’ve found that Mario Kart satisfies our driving, speed and smack talking needs. Halo and Gears of War satisfy our shooting evil needs and believe it or not but playing TV game show games have been great. We’ve had so much fun playing the Price is Right, Family Feud, Monopoly, UNO and even Press Your Luck.

So can gaming be a fun stay in date night for him and her. Yes indeed. Go to a GameStop and browse the games. Ask someone to recommend two person videos games. Maybe they will even let you play then to see if you like the game play. Get your game back on. You know it’s good for you!

About the author: Jimi works at Zoosk as a Recruiter. He’s a Bay Area sports fan, talent scout and resume wrangler.

Photo via Flickr. Creative-Commons License Attribution-NoDerivs.

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