5 date ideas for inspiration

by Jimi Alfaro

Looking for some fun and memorable first date ideas?  Try these.

  • A chef-led cooking class. Typically a delicious 3-5 course meal, there’s plenty of time to get to know the other person and discover how compatible you are (whether you’re in the kitchen or not).
  • Piano bars. The dueling kind. Not as embarrassing as karaoke but just as fun and inviting for anyone. Make sure you have enough bills to nix any songs on your date’s do-not-play list.
  • A variety show. Look for live shows in your area that have many different acts. Think: America’s Got Talent or Cirque du Soleil, any impressive feat onstage is sure to impress your date.
  • Amusement park. Even if your date doesn’t like the rides, today’s parks offer many other entertainments, like games, live and taped shows, food and drink, and landscaped paths to wander and people watch.
  • An aquarium. Aquariums are typically very beautiful and offer a lot for your first conversation.  Just make sure you pick a time where it won’t too crowded so you can leisurely stroll through and admire the sights.

Whatever you choose for your first date, make sure there’s enough peace for conversation but enough distraction so you don’t feel the need to talk incessantly.  AND HAVE FUN!!

Photo via Flickr. License: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.

About the author: Jimi works at Zoosk as a Recruiter. He’s a Bay Area sports fan, talent scout and resume wrangler.

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