Thoughts on holiday dates

by Jimi Alfaro

I love this time of year.  Dating during this time of year is also very fun and I have to say much easier to do.  For me there are so many fun activities going on.  So many events, lights, sounds, and the countless happy people all around.  This really helps set the tone of the date.

For me I find that when going on a date you have all these standard questions that you ask.  Questions like where did you grow up, what do you do for fun or do you have a favorite restaurant.  You can have questions that are conversation starters like tell me about a fun vacation or business trip you’ve been on or how do like spending your time during a staycation.  But when the holidays are upon us those questions can be shifted to the back burner. You can dive deep into fun questions that will perk up your date.  Questions like tell me about your favorite Christmas or the best gift you received as a child or as an adult.  Why not ask both!

This time of year brings fond memories to mind and sharing them with to your date gets the two of you closer and conversations flowing. I remember taking a date to see the city tree and as we enjoyed looking at all the lights and ornaments I asked my date if she had a favorite tree ornament.  She told me about an ornament she got when she went to a Giants baseball game when she was back in college.  She kept it over the years and had fond memories of that day.  That got me thinking about the Giants and now knowing that she was a fellow fan we spoke about the team, our fanhood and a potential future date to catch a game.  Planning future dates while on a date are normally a good sign.  =D

My point is that sharing personal memories as simple as a favorite ornament can make your date more memorable and one of many to come. So when you’re out enjoying this time of year ask your date some softball questions about what they like about this time of year.  You’ll see that sparking up great conversations will be easy.  Happy Holidays!

About the author: Jimi works at Zoosk as a Recruiter. He’s a Bay Area sports fan, talent scout and resume wrangler.Photo via Flickr. Creative Commons License. Attribution No Derivs.

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