Happy International Flirting Week!

In celebration of International Flirting Week (February 13-19, 2013) and Valentine’s Day, Zoosk conducted a survey among more than 13,000 of our members around the world to gather their thoughts on flirting – why they do it, how they do it, and who does it best.

Says Robin Gorman Newman, founder of International Flirting Week: “As the Zoosk survey shows, many view flirting as fun even if they don’t want to date the person, but it’s also a way to jumpstart a relationship or rekindle romance.  In our busy lives, flirting can be a quick and effective way to remind your mate that you love and are excited by them.”

So what did our survey discover? Well, here’s what we found out!


It’s a battle of the sexes!

  • The majority of men (60%) think that women are the biggest flirts, and the majority of women (53%) think that men are more flirtatious!

#1 reason why people flirt? It’s fun.

  • 41% of men and women around the world say, “flirting is just playful fun!”
  • 20% say is it a good ice breaker when dating, although only 11% say they flirt to attract a partner.
  • 18% say flirting helps keep the romance alive in a relationship

Both men and women admit to flirting just for fun.

  • More than half of men (54%) will flirt with a woman even if he is not interested in pursuing a relationship with her.
  • 41% of women will flirt with a man even if she is not interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

Flirting keeps the romance alive.

  • 89% of men and women think that it is important to flirt with your significant other even when in an established relationship.

Biggest turn-off when it comes to flirting?

  • 32% say coming on too strong and invading personal space are the biggest turn offs.
  • 20% say corny pick up lines are a turn off.
  • 20% say inappropriate comments about one’s physical appearance.
  • 7% say suggestive body language.

We all know it and they admit it: Italians are flirts!

  • 97% of Italian men consider themselves a flirt, but American men are not too far behind at 76%.

Want to celebrate International Flirting Week? Flirt with someone today on Zoosk!

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